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WORK Anywhere

Maybe you travel a ton, your schedule is busy, or you’re just out of the area; either way, you want to WORK more but can’t make it into our studio. Perhaps class times don’t fit for you, the group environment is intimidating, or you just prefer moving at your own pace. No matter the reason, we’ve designed WORK Anywhere specifically for YOU.

Your program comes with two complete training plans: one designed around access to a full gym (Plan A), and another that only requires bands, dumbbells and your bodyweight (Plan B). The program flows Monday - Sunday for four weeks each month, following the class schedule you love (ROOTED through OVERTIME + HARDCORE). And with two versions of each workout each day, that’s 56 unique workouts available every single month!


1 Month ($49.99)

Not ready to make a big commitment? No problem! For less money than your favorite latte ($1.66 per day) you can enjoy all-access to the best workouts anywhere!

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Recurring ($39.99)

Want to save money along your way to those gains? This month to month option has no contract, and you can cancel anytime. For just over a dollar per day, you can WORK with us!


Full Year ($399)

This is the best value for your money! By buying one year up front, you lock-in a daily training rate of just $1.09. Now that’s what we call getting your money to WORK for you!


The Right Tools for the Job

Decking out your home-gym? Need some tools for staying fit while you travel? Heck, searching to find the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life? Below are some of our favorite vendors to work with, and the wonderful products they sell. Please note that WORK may be compensated for purchases made through some of these pages.

If you train with our WORK Anywhere program, we’ve assembled a shopping list for you below.

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We’ve partnered with the world’s largest store to curate a great selection of our favorite items from brands that are known for offering the best quality and best value. You’ll find our very own WORK storefront with shopping lists for our WORK Online training program, along with some stellar suggestions for nutrition, kitchen staples, and overall wellness.

rogue fitness

This monster brand has achieved ‘household name’ status in the fitness equipment industry for good reason. Not only are their products top of the line, but they continue to innovate with new technologies and new designs, and all their name-brand products are manufactured here, in the good ‘ol US of A! We love their amazing selection of strength equipment and racks, along with their well-priced dumbbell sets, home gym accessories, and WORK-client-favorite air bikes!

rep fitness

High-quality at a great price—that’s what Rep Fitness is all about. Located in Colorado, most of their equipment is made in America and ships quickly around the country in a few days. We love their benches, bumper plates and balls! In fact, as far as we’re concerned they offer the best value (high quality at a low price) slam balls and medicine balls anywhere.