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-Hometown/Born & Raised: Born Watsonville, CA, but raised in Highlands Ranch, CO
-Favorite Song: Kickstart My Heart -Motley Crue
-Favorite Musician/Band: Anything Classic Rock!
-Favorite Movie: Wonder Woman
-Favorite Quote: “When you take ownership of your problems, the problems get solved. Control your ego, don't let it control you. Take ownership of your mistakes, your problems, and solutions to solve those problems. Take ownership of your mission. Take ownership of your life and lead. Lead yourself, you're team, and the people in your life to victory.” Jocko Wilink
-Favorite Food: Honey Bunches of Oats & Lucky Charms
-Favorite Drink: Lemonade
-Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear
-If you were a color, what color would you be: Army green
-Favorite Style of Training: I love to go as hard as I can. Heavy strength and explosive power all day!
-Least Favorite Exercise: Anything abs related, and long distance running
-Favorite class at WORK: IMPACT