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WORK is a premier group training fitness studio located in Irvine, CA. Like the name says, it's work! But we have fun too.
An expertly designed full body program is taught Monday through Saturday in 55 minute group classes throughout the day.
Community driven, our emphasis is on client interaction and encouragement, you're someone special with a name and a story, and we want to know you!
We're big on form correction and giving you personalized goals based on what you can do. We believe in building each individual up based on achievement.
Take a class via class packages or month to month memberships, just be aware: this WORKout is highly addictive.



Each 55-minute class begins with a warm-up to prime your muscles for WORK. The training emphasis changes each day with workouts that give you a balanced full body program throughout the week. Our studio space was carefully designed to put you in the right mindset, and classes are capped to ensure the best instruction and attention from trainers. Finish every session with a cool-down stretch and the right mindset to conquer the rest of your day!


We all need a little push sometimes. Our staff of nationally-accredited fitness professionals dedicate all their energy to giving you the best experience possible by learning your name, ensuring proper form, and playing your favorite jams. Our only goal is helping you reach yours.




Tribe. Squad. Fitfam. Whatever you want to call them, our people are here for one another. We believe we WORK better together, which is why love is our language, and encouragement is our currency. WORK isn’t a gym, it’s a family.


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(949) 756-8277 

16782 Hale Ave Ste B 
Irvine, CA 92606

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